Xinous Releases Latest UnixWare Offering – UnixWare 7 Definitive 2018

Company continues long-term commitment to Legacy SCO UnixWare customers, adding new capabilities and continued world class technical support

BERKELEY, CA—October 22nd, 2018—XinuosTM, a leading provider of solutions based operating systems, announced the release of UnixWare 7 Definitive 2018, an important upgrade for SCO Legacy customers. Combining the power of the UNIX® system with the economics of the Intel platform, UnixWare 7 Definitive 2018 delivers a rock-solid performance backed by world class support so that applications work like they’re supposed to, administration is simpler, and business runs smoothly.

“UnixWare operating systems are the backbone for thousands of companies globally who depend on reliability, scalability, and security and trust them to run their business-critical applications,” said Jeremy Orchard, Vice President of Sales for Xinuos. “Xinuos is committed to supporting all of our UnixWare 7 customers with break/fix support and modern features for today’s workplace.”

The key features of SCO UnixWare 7 Definitive 2018 include:

  • New ISL media which includes upgrade package from previous versions
  • Everything is on a single DVD ISO – No need to download separate media to install on virtualization, perform an in-place upgrade or do a native install
  • Fixes for regressions existing in the older Definitive release
  • New LSI and AHCI drivers and drivers include support for Dell H330, H530, and H730 controllers as well as new SATA controllers found on many new servers and virtualized environments.
    • LSI MegaRAID SAS 9380
    • LSI MegaRAID SAS 9361
    • LSI MegaRAID SAS 9341
    • DELL PERC H830
    • DELL PERC H730/P
    • DELL PERC H330


UnixWare 7 Definitive 2018 has been updated to current security standards with critical bug fixes to help keep organizations secure.

More choices for applications

UnixWare 7 Definitive 2018 supports critical line-of-business applications. The web services substrate provides a foundation for creating web service-based applications and Service-Oriented Architectures on top of existing console-based applications and relational databases.

Virtual Machine-supported hardware

With virtual machine support that includes a wide range of hardware platforms and peripherals, UnixWare 7 Definitive 2018 keeps business running. Virtual Machines can be easily serviced or reconfigured for lower maintenance costs and greater productivity.


UnixWare 7 Definitive 2018 is optimized to run in a virtualized VMware environment. In addition to energy savings and lower capital expenditures, virtualization provides higher resource availability, easier scalability, increased security, and improved disaster recovery.

Optimized for OpenServer 10

The Xinuos stack solution allows UnixWare 7 Definitive 2018 to run within Xinuos OpenServer 10, providing a single solution that is fully supported by Xinuos. UnixWare 7 Definitive 2018 has been optimized with Paravirtualized drivers to enhance the performance using the OpenServer 10 stack configuration.

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October 22, 2018