If you thought SCO Operating Systems were obsolete – Think Again……..

Berkeley, CA:

SCO OpenServer and SCO UnixWare products have renewed life and a shining future ahead following the recent announcements from Xinuos Inc. and the subsequent release of the Definitive 2018 line of products, showcasing the largest most significant updates in decades.
SCO OpenServer and SCO UnixWare products are once again proving themselves to be the world-famous Rock-Solid Operating Systems in use all over the globe.

Backed up by World Class Technical Support and a team of talented, dedicated developers, the Definitive 2018 product line is living proof of Xinuos’ dedication to the large existing customer base.
Customers running applications built on any SCO platform are now able to move to a newly updated OS with critical security fixes and updated drivers and functionality.

“If it isn’t broken……” – Why take a chance (assuming you have the source code) by recompiling your entire application to function on a different Operating System? The cost and risks are enormous and now unnecessary; Why not modernize your current SCO Operating System and continue to use the one that has worked without a fault for DECADES!!!!

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Jeremy Orchard
(510) 400-7079

November 21, 2018